Buying a Website is Like Buying a Car

You walk into a car dealership with high hopes of purchasing a new vehicle. The dealership you picked is an amazing store that comes highly recommended and sells everything from economical Ford and GM cars, trucks, and minivans to luxury brands like Jaguar, Infiniti, and Ferrari. Everything under one roof! What could be better?

As you walk through the door, you approach the salesperson and ask him or her to provide you a quick quote on a new vehicle. It’s a realistic request, right? No, not really.

It’s hard for the dealership personnel to provide an estimate because there is so much information they don’t know about you, your needs, and your wants. You could be a minivan-driving soccer mom or an adrenaline junkie who needs speed. But honestly, at this point, the salesperson doesn’t know who or what you are and therefore cannot begin to ascertain what you might need or want.

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